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Mutants and monsters of Patricia Piccinini / /

Patricia Piccinini is an Australian artist born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 1965.

Patricia Piccinini works since the 1990s the relationship between nature, science and biotechnology. Although still standing near asensitive bio-artists, she does not work from theliving, but from the representations of living and their reception, through digital imaging in particular.

Of hyper-realist sculptures of imaginary creatures, a mouse - very real - alive with an earimplanted in his back, on the shoulder of amannequin, are some of the ways in whichPiccinini shuffleboard. Inseminate withoutjudgment particularly in her work, she manages to create a tangible discomfort through work who hesitate between anticipation and science fiction.

In ”Still Life with stem cells”, digital camera, alittle girl plays with studs in silicone that look liketwo peas in 'pod' by David Cronenberg; these lugs are inspired by the forms of embryonicfigures, both repulsive and sympathetic. In"Synthetic Organism”, a creature of the same ilkis pictured in photos of amateur genre, giving it a life and expressiveness ”real”.

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